Rose Hill War Zone is a very community oriented business and has developed a Fund Raising Program to assist Schools and Church Organizations a unique opportunity to raise needed funds.


Program Specifics

 Rose Hill War Zone will sell to the club/organization Play Passes, these have a $45.00 value, the cost to purchase these passes is $5.00 per pass. Payment for the passes is not due to Rose Hill War Zone until the passes have been sold. These passes are good for entry to the paintball field, Tippmann 98 Basic Rental package and 250 paintballs (additional paintballs can be purchased).

Rose Hill War Zone will sell 30 passes at a time which, if all 30 are sold at $45 each, this would equal a profit  of $1,200.00.  The Club/Organization sets price to sell passes, however, keep in mind, Rose Hill War Zone will receive $150.00 (per 30 passes) from the club for the purchase of the passes from Rose Hill War Zone.

If the club/organization wants to come to the paintball field and work 4 hours on a Saturday assisting with course building and field maintenance Rose Hill War Zone will provide participants a rental kit and 250 paintballs and be permitted to play for four hours plus lunch will be provided and Rose Hill War Zone will give an additional 30 passes (free of charge) to the club to sell. So in this situation the club could make an additional $1,350.00.  These passes will have a time frame that they are good for, Min age for playing is 10 years old with parentsí permission. All players under 19 must also have a parent or legal guardian sign their waiver.

RHWZ will work with each organization to determine the number of play passes per worker they will receive.

To find out more about this great program, please contact us.

 * All players must complete and sign the waivers and bring with them.

** Rose Hill War Zone reserves the right to modify the specifics of this program at anytime.

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Rose Hill War Zone

Fund Raiser program!